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Zayanti - ZChords: Piano and Keyboard Chords and Scale

ZChords: Piano and Keyboard Chords and Scale

Download and use Zayanti Piano Chords ver 2.01 for totally free here

Main screen at 50% size from real

Main Screen gives you information of 600 Chords with total 2.772 keyboard and almost 1.800 formula displays available plus 564 Scalling combination. Features provided on this screen are:

Keyboard Display : Display three sets of notes with color interchange for your easiest way to see the chords
Invert Chords : Give you Chord combination
Formula : Display Chord or Scale formula that you can copy for other purpose
Notes Option : You can display the formula in both "#" and "b" sign or one of them
Root List : List of Root note from C to B
Chord List : List of 50 Chords option
Scale List : List of 47 Scales option
Chord and Scale selection : You can add your Chords or Scale to this list which will be displayed into an easy to capture screen.

With this single screen you will feel so easy in getting Chords for your Piano or Keyboard. No need Internet connection.

View Screen at 35% size from real

This Screen is generated by clicking "View Screen" from the Main Screen. It displays all listed Chords you have selected. You can capture this screen by pressing "PrtSc" from your keyboard and then paste it to your other windows application by pressing "Ctrl"+ "v".

You can just click on the displayed chords in the application if you want to get bigger individual screen.

Individual Chord or Scale from "View Screen" at 35% size from real

In the application you can also capture individual screen for more customizable format with other windows application
Please click here to download Zayanti PianoChord Application

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